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Ashlawn Energy provides energy storage solutions with its VanCharg™ system. Ashlawn is proud to manufacture its energy storage systems in the United States of America. Ashlawn Energy participates in the Department of Energy's SmartGrid.


Norma Byron at the Painesville Power Plant
Watch Ashlawn Energy President, Norma Byron, describe the collaboration between Ashlawn Energy, the City of Painesville in Ohio, and the Painesville Municipal Electric Plant

What is VanCharg™?

VanCharg™ is an electrical storage system (battery) that stores enough electricity to provide back-up power to hundreds of homes and support the transmission and distribution of electricity. VanCharg™ reduces electricity costs and cuts carbon emissions by allowing customers to "beat the peak" and store less expensive and less polluting power produced at night for use during peak hours.

VanCharg™ safely holds megawatt hours of electricity for milliseconds to months and has been called the 'missing link' required to safely connect massive solar and wind farms to the electrical grid.

Electicity Tower

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US Flag We proudly manufacture 100% in the U.S.A.